To maintain a high-performing workforce, it is important to understand that when underperformance or misconduct issues are not managed and addressed in an appropriate and timely manner, it can lead to negative or unproductive outcomes for staff and the company.

The BAL Underperformance and Misconduct Policy covers topics relevant to the following Federal laws, depending on your location:

  • Fair Work Act 2009 (Ch 3-1; Ch 3-2; Ch 3-6)
  • Fair Work Regulations 2009 (r 1.07; Ch 3-1; Ch 3-6)
  • Privacy Act 1988 (Part 2; Schedule 1)
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Underperformance or misconduct in the workplace is when an employee is not doing their job properly, or is behaving in a way that is unacceptable. These behaviours can be exhibited in a variety of ways including:

  • failing to perform the duties of the position or to perform them to the required standard;
  • failing to address client needs or requests where appropriate;
  • failing to comply with policies, values or procedures;
  • exhibiting unacceptable behaviour in relation to the workplace;
  • being the subject of complaints by clients, co-workers or management; or
  • engaging in disruptive or negative behaviour that interrupts or intrudes on the work of co-workers.

The Policy also covers:

  • Performance Discussions;
  • Indentifying Underperformance;
  • Misconduct and Serious Misconduct;
  • Disciplinary Santions;
  • Process for Handling Suspected Misconduct
  • Exceptions;
  • Record Keeping; and
  • Privacy Requirements.

Protect yourself, your staff, and your company by putting an Underperformance and Misconduct Policy in Place.

Once you order and pay for your policy, the team at BAL Lawyers will call or email to get some more information from you in regards to your business. They will then populate the policy and send through to you.

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