Social media are defined as interactive platforms where content is created, distributed and shared by individuals on the internet. Social media include (but are not limited to) websites, networking sites such as LinkedIn, instant messaging and communication sites such as Skype and AIM, video sharing sites including YouTube, Vimeo and Clipfish; document and content sharing sites such as Google text and drop box, blog platforms and blog communities, forums, location based services such as foursquare, question and answer sites, livestream feeds, and social networks such as Facebook.

The BAL Social Media Policy applies to all employees of the Company and covers the sites and services mentioned below:

  • social networking sites (eg Facebook);
  • professional networking services (eg Linkedln);
  • video and photo sharing websites (eg YouTube);
  • micro-blogging (eg Twitter);
  • forums and discussion boards (eg Google Groups);
  • online collaborations (eg Wikipedia);
  • podcasting;
  • blogs including corporate blogs and personal blogs; and
  • blogs hosted by traditional media outlets.

The Policy also covers:

  • Staff Responsibilities;
  • Employer Responsibilities;
  • Public Comment;
  • Privacy;
  • Disclosure;
  • Conflicts of Interest; and
  • Security Risks.

Protect yourself, your staff, and your company by putting a Social Media Policy in place.

Once you order and pay for your policy, the team at BAL Lawyers will call or email to get some more information from you in regards to your business. They will then populate the policy and send through to you.

Price includes GST.