HR Policies

HR Policies

HR Policies are a vital part of an organisation’s employment framework. But less can be more.

As HR manager, you need to make sure your organisation:

  • has the HR policies that it needs (and only those that it needs)
  • has HR policies that comply with the law in a way that actually works for the organisation
  • has HR policies that are consistent with each other, and are consistent with your employment contracts, Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements
  • has HR policies that do not contain terms that might be considered to be part of the employment contract

Our Corporate Partner, BAL Lawyers, have compiled a range of template HR Policies for purchase that meet these essential criteria.

Read about them below, and click on them to be taken to the BAL Lawyers site for secure checkout.

Once purchased, BAL Lawyers will populate your Policies with your organisation’s details and send them through to you. Contact BAL Lawyers for more advice regarding additional tailoring services.

  Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy – $750 inc GST

Being a HR manager, there will often be times you have to deal with employees not getting along. But when disagreement or unhappiness spills over into bullying, harassment or discrimination,  it is essential to have a Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy in place. Why?  Firstly, so everyone knows what to do, and secondly, because the law expects this of employers. This policy is designed to assist organisations (and their officers) comply with the multiple WHS, discrimination and anti-bullying laws applying across each jurisdiction in Australia, and also to give organisations the flexibility they need to respond to these difficult HR problems.


  Social Media Policy – $500 inc GST

Having trouble managing social media use in relation to your workplace? You’re not alone.

The Social Media policy sets out what workers can and can’t do on social media when it interacts with the workplace, in a way that complies with national and state/territory privacy and surveillance laws. It also contains provisions regarding monitoring, reporting and discipline for social media use.


  Underperformance & Misconduct Policy – $500 inc GST

Effective management of underperformance and misconduct is critical to the success of a high performing organisations. But this doesn’t mean the organisation needs to tie itself down to cumbersome and time-consuming procedures. The Underperformance and Misconduct policy is designed to work for employers and workers alike: it is fair, flexible, nimble, and drafted to provide protection against unfair dismissal claims.


  IT & Confidentiality Policy – $500 inc GST

Having an Information Technology and Confidentiality Policy in place means everyone knows  their rights and responsibilities when using company IT facilities, and dealing with confidential information.

This comprehensive policy sets out what is acceptable use of IT facilities by workers (including personal use). It also covers how an organisation may operate and monitor IT facilities, and discipline workers who breach the Policy. The Policy is designed to comply with national and state/Territory based privacy and surveillance laws.


  Work Health and Safety WHS Policy – $750 inc GST

Everyone wants a workplace where workers return home safely. Having a compliant and effective WHS Policy is a critical step in ensuring this occurs.

This Policy complies with the WHS Acts and Regulations in all states/territories that have adopted the national harmonised WHS scheme (that is, all Australian states and Territories other than WA and Victoria)


  Grievance Resolution Policy – $500 inc GST

A grievance is any problem, concern or complaint that arises when a person feels aggrieved about a matter associated with their work.

Workplace grievances can start out as small issue, but if not managed well, can escalate and have a negative impact on the worker, their colleagues, and the organisation.

The Grievance Resolution Policy sets out procedures for organisations to follow when dealing with grievances, including best practice approaches to resolving conflict in an efficient but flexible way. The policy acknowledges that particular grievances – like workplace bullying, discrimination or harassment – must be handled in a particular way because of aspects of HR law.


  The HR Policy Suite – $2,500 inc GST

The HR Policy Suite is a package of the 6 Key HR Policies above.

If you are just starting out, if you need policies to fill in the gaps, or think your existing HR policies need a complete overhaul, then this is the package for you.