Aged Care Corner

Aged Care Corner

This corner is for HR professionals working in the aged care sector.

In addition to general employment law obligations (set out in our all industry corner), there a number of key issues and legislative obligations in the aged care sector.

Some Relevant Legislation

  • Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth)
    • This is the principal piece of legislation that regulates how aged care may be provided in Australia.
  • Does this legislation apply to my organisation?
    • The Act applies to all approved providers of aged care, in all states and territories in Australia.
    • Approved providers are those organisations that have been approved to provide either residential care, flexible care or home care to the elderly and are eligible to receive an age care subsidy from the Government.

What are the HR challenges in the Aged Care sector

There are special challenges in HR in the aged care sector. Click on on the links below to explore these issues. These links will be updated over time.