Future Podcast Topics

Please see below a list of some of our future podcast topics.

Future Topics:


‘The year of living Danishly’: We all know there’s something special about those Scandinavian countries when it comes to work life balance. UK Journalist Helen Russell recently wrote about it in her best seller ‘My Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the secrets of the world’s happiest Country’. Can Australian HR deliver on the work life nirvana? Can leaving work at 4pm really be better for the company’s bottom line?


Do Australian women actually get paid less than men? We’ve all heard of a gender pay gap in Australia. Most HR practitioners know it routinely described as a ‘stubborn’ pay gap.  But what exactly does the ‘gap’ mean, and what’s causing it? More importantly, what can we, as HR practitioners, do about it?


Dealing with annoying people: Bad BO, trimming nails at their desk, slurping coffee loudly, taking forever to reply to emails—what’s the best way for HR to deal with people’s annoying habits, and when do annoying habits become performance concerns?


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