The Workplace Implications of Family and Domestic Violence (Continued): October Summary

25 Oct , 2018 HR Breakfast Club Summary

The Workplace Implications of Family and Domestic Violence (Continued): October Summary

This month, James Judge, CEO of the Australian Human Resource Professionals, gave an updated presentation to the Club on  workplace implications of family and domestic violence.

James reminded practitioners that new clauses in Modern Awards providing for 5 days unpaid leave per year commenced 1 August 2018, and that parliament is currently considering an extension of these entitlements to non-award employees via amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009.

The focus of James’ presentation was on how HR practitioners can support victims of family violence in the workplace. When reminding practitioners that their role is to ‘help’ rather than to ‘rescue’, he articulated the touchstone for decision-making in this sensitive area:

  • Is what I am doing making it safer for the person experiencing the violence?
  • Is what I’m doing sending a clear message that the perpetrator is responsible and accountable, not the person who experiences it?

The presentation concluded with very practical tips for Canberra-based managers on when, how, and who to contact in the event a domestic or family violence situation arises at the workplace.

A copy of the presentation is available here.

Want to learn more?

James is committed to assisting organisations better understand and resolve their people and capability needs. He has a deep understanding of workplace and organisational dynamics, with over 25 years of experience in senior roles across the public, private and member-based organisations.

Connect via: | twitter @JamesAJudge | 02 6182 0067 | 0434 265 459


A summary and copy of Jame’s first presentation on Family Violence and the Workplace is available here

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